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23 Aug Learn all about electronic invoicing


23 Aug Learn all about electronic invoicing


If you have an SME and still do not handle electronic invoicing, here we tell you some of the advantages and requirements that you must meet. Take your business to another level and get the best benefits that Konfío has for you.

Some of the advantages of electronic invoicing is that you have more control of what you buy and sell, therefore, keep your accounting will be much easier. You have better access to information within your business, you can reduce your costs and you can issue electronic invoices from anywhere.

The SAT electronic biller is a very friendly and simple to use platform. You can do it from any device connected to the internet.

The electronic invoicing in physical and moral persons requires different documentation and, often it is difficult to know when it is time to become a moral person and when it is better to remain as an individual.


The requirements for individuals are:


The requirements for individuals are:


  • Be enrolled in the RFC.

Submit with the following documentation with prior appointment:

  • Certified copy of the birth certificate.
  • Original and copy of some official identification.
  • Electronic signature format. It is obtained on the SAT page.
  • USB or disk with the SOLCEDI file. It is requested on the SAT page.

The moral persons, must present the previous documents and:

  • CertiSat, which is a certificate used to seal each issued document and validates its authenticity. It is obtained in the SOLCEDI application and in the CertiSAT page.


Once you have the above requirements, you just have to go to the SAT page, log in, go to the “CFDI Generation” / “Capture Voucher” tab and you will be working with electronic invoicing.

There are many authorized providers of certification (PAC) that are dedicated to facilitate your electronic invoicing so you do not have to worry about anything. Look very well what it is and how to choose a PAC to provide all the necessary advice so that electronic billing is never a problem for your business. It is advisable to hire a provider if you generate more than 20 or 30 daily bills, if not, you can use the free service of the SAT.

In Mexico, since 2014 the SAT decided to migrate to electronic invoicing because it realized that the problem with the traditional billing system was that in many cases they were not sure if the invoice was legitimate or not, or if the company that Emitted was legal. On the other hand, electronic invoicing avoids possible fraud, since it is verified who is the sender and receiver of said invoice. In this way not only the company is protected but also its customers. If you already have a business and do not issue invoices, go with your accountant and formalize your business. In this way you will have access to online credits that will grow your business.


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