Month: June 2019

Youth Guarantee Loans 2019: how to obtain non-repayable loans, requirements and information

We see all the useful information regarding the Youth Guarantee 2019 loans. The necessary requirements to access the facilities and the main characteristics of the loan with the amount that we can receive and additional services. Finally, how to obtain non -repayable loans, with the methods of requesting and disbursing the amount. Youth Guarantee: what […]

Learn All About Electronic Invoicing | Business Tips

    23 Aug Learn all about electronic invoicing     If you have an SME and still do not handle electronic invoicing, here we tell you some of the advantages and requirements that you must meet. Take your business to another level and get the best benefits that Konfío has for you. Some of […]

Still, is it worth replacing home loans this year?

Is it worth replacing home loans this year? Many people have the question, which is not the case with the usual empty slogans and sponsored content, but there are not many specifics available. If we reverse the question, why wouldn’t it actually help us to replace our home loan in a market environment that offers […]